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Tip of the Week: Emotional Intelligence

Tip of the Week: In a project environment, Project Managers are faced with many complex issues.  Personality conflicts, a limitation of authority, complexity of work, and stress can all be a part of the project.  By understanding Emotional Intelligence, Project

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Tip of the Week: Lessons Learned

Tip of the Week: When performing lessons learned, try to schedule it as close to the event as possible so people do not forget the lesson. Another option is to have the team members document lessons along the way in

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Tip of the Week 11/21/2016: Emotional Intelligence

Tip of the Week: What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important?  Emotional Intelligence deals with both personal and social awareness.  It is a skill that can be developed and strengthened.  As a Project Manager, it is very important

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Tip of the Week 11/14/2016: Risk Management

Tip of the Week: Risk management is more than looking for negative possibilities within a project; it includes looking for potential opportunities as well. These opportunities should be recognized and appropriately dealt with to give the project the benefits that

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Tip of the Week 11/08/2016: Risk Management

Tip of the Week: Risk management is an active process of managing risks and opportunities. If you are not actively looking for risks and opportunities, you are not performing risk management. It is more than filling out a form and

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Tip of the Week: PMO Performance

Tip of the Week: High-performing PMOs know the importance of assessing their performance continually. Assessing performance and reporting out the results reminds senior management of the value the PMO brings to the organization. Reporting on project-specific metrics is standard, but

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Tip of the Week: PMO

Tip of the Week: Staying true to the goals of a project or program has always been a key element of success, but scope creep and new priorities not aligned to strategic goals can skew projects off-course. It is therefore

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Tip of the Week 10/10/2016: Microsoft Project

Tip of the Week: Microsoft Project – Entering a task duration with “ed”, or elapsed days, allows the task to disregard any calendar specific non-working times or holidays. An example of this is if a task, such as a test, must

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Tip of the Week: Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

Tip of the Week: Microsoft Project-In the Gantt chart view, you can create dependencies by clicking on the Gantt bar of a task and dragging to another Gantt bar to create a Finish-to-Start dependency between the two tasks. This can

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Tip of the Week 09/26/2016: Project Communication

Tip of the Week: High-performing organizations— those that average 80 percent of projects on time, on budget and in line with goals—are nearly twice as likely to use formal project communication plans compared to low performers, according to the Pulse communication

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