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Author: Cherise

Tip of the Week: Resource Management

Tip of the Week: Resource Management: Project managers often have to share resources (people, tools and facilities) with other project managers. It is important to have a system to schedule these shared resources along with communicate to the organization this schedule.

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Tip of the Week 04/18/2016: Risk Management

Tip of the Week: Risk Management: Any dependency outside of the project should be considered a risk. These dependencies are often out of the control of the team and need monitoring to ensure minimal impact to the projects scope, quality,

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Tip of the Week 04/11/2016: MS Project

Tip of the Week: MS Project: It is important to understand the settings and configuration of MS Project. Every action reacts based on the settings and the order of the action. If you do not understand the settings, you will only

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Tip of the Week 04/04/2016: Risk Management

Tip of the Week: Risk Management: When is the last time you reviewed your risks with your team? If you cannot remember, then it has been too long. The frequency of when you formally review risks should be in your risk

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Tip of the Week 03/28/2016: Scope Management

Tip of the Week: Scope Management: Defining what is “out of scope” for a project is often more important than defining what is in scope. The key is a clear understanding of the expected deliverables of a project. It is important

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Tip of the Week: Schedule representation

Tip of the Week: A simple visual representation of a schedule is often the best way to communicate status and the project plan. The detailed Gantt chart is often too busy for most audiences. There are several tools to create these

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Tip of the Week: Action Items

Tip of the Week: Action items need to be tracked to closure. Information should not be deleted on the action item tracking log, but augmented with the latest updates. Original due dates should be recorded and updated due dates maintained

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Tip of the Week: Microsoft Project filters

Tip of the Week: Use filters within the Microsoft Project to present the team with relevant current data.  Showing the entire schedule will often overwhelm team members and reduce their attention span. Click here for more tips.

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Tip of the Week: Project Stakeholders

Tip of the Week: Project stakeholders need to be identified and represented throughout the life of the project. This stakeholder list is a fundamental input to the Project Communication plan. Click here for more tips.

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