Project Assurance ®

A project that gets off on the right foot is likely to take a successful journey. At the core of an effective project is a reliable, equipped project management system.  This business necessity provides direction, scheduling, cost constraints, and risks associated with all projects. With the right tools and guidance, they can not only establish but also implement fruitful plans and changes as your needs shift.

Alluvionic is prepared to tailor a plan with the PMI® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), as its base, and customize a system that suits your needs. From establishing a project to measuring with meaningful metrics, to the key element of risk assessment, we thrive on the right-sizing of your project.

There is no doubt that effective project management is vital to the best organizations out there, and we exist to provide the best training and support possible. Our expert team of consultants and trainers possess deep knowledge of the PMI® PMBOK® philosophy and 45+ years of experience to apply the best principles to each of your programs.

Alluvionic provides Project Assurance™ by combining technical project management with organizational change management and risk management, to assure the delivery of successful projects.

PMI, PMP, CAPM and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Program Office (Development and Support)

PMO, also known as Project/Program Management Office, helps prioritize projects for a business or organization. This acts as a basis for project and program managers to deploy process procedures.

An effective PMO houses standardized tools, templates, and procedures that your employees can use as resources for their jobs, members of your business to receive their orders, and acts as a “homeroom” for a regroup amidst a busy workday. Your employees will have a safe space to learn and streamline procedures, and to ensure that all projects through the PMO are deployed consistently. With our metrics, we can ensure that this is happening seamlessly. The newly formed PMO will provide Project Assurance™ for years to come, increasing the organization's ROI.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Management)
Enterprise Resource Management is a software powerful enough to run entire organizations, including accounts, manufacturing, quality control, sales orders, and many other features depending on the needs of those using it.

Alluvionic has the enterprise skills necessary to fully manage the implementation of your ERP system, from selecting tools to applying them daily. Not only will we assist in getting your ERP solutions system up and running, but we will continue to advocate for our clients and assist them every step of the way. By having expertly trained project managers, you are gaining Project Assurance™.

Helping you select the best ERP solution is the very first step Alluvionic takes to ensure the best for your business. By conducting a business analysis, we will fully understand your need and be your guide through many modern options to help you find one that fits your business precisely.

Process Improvement

In order to make strides toward process improvement, it is necessary to understand where you currently stand as a business. By identifying the gaps in your current processes, we help clients become experts in managing their business projects. From change management concerns, to training, tools, and personnel gaps, our methods produce the measurable results you need to make sound business decisions.


The second step in our process is ERP Implementation. In order for us to fully implement ERP solutions software into your business, there are necessary steps that take place:

1. Establishing and preparing your team members, resources, and control structure for the project of implementing an ERP system.

2. Develop top-level company visualization, detailed business process investigation, and identify/organize existing tools that support current business processes.

3. Continue developing findings of the business process investigations organizational culture, vision, and the list of business process support tools. This forms background details crucial for ERP success.

4. Review and modify the ERP implementation plan while also consulting the client’s standard plans and assumptions. We prepare every client as if they are unprepared, to maximize the effectiveness of the new structure.

5. Using what has been discovered in previous steps to build familiarity and confidence in the client. This may also involve preliminary plans to meet objectives and locate potential “problem areas.”

Depending on the size of your business, Alluvionic can masterfully develop the appropriate ERP solution for every client. Our constant analyses and dedication to right-sizing your project will lead to the most cost-effective, seamless solutions for your business.


Earned Valued Management Systems (EVMS)

Our scalable approach to solutions is employed in our Earned Value Management System (EVMS), which calls for a tiered system of tasks and values, earned once each task is completed. The tools that we use in implementing all levels of EVMS vary in size depending on the scope of your needs and goals. With right-sizing capabilities, Alluvionic can provide the tools you need alone or as building blocks toward the goal of ANSI compliance. A scalable EVMS system is just another tool to help establish Project Assurance™.


Microsoft Project Server

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Risk Management

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Alluvionic’s role in your PMO implementation depends entirely on what your business is seeking. From project planning to education, costing, deployment, training, and necessary tools, we follow a logical, holistic method of right-sizing to fit the scope of your needs. With our knowledge of PMOs, we will leave running the company to you and focus on the will of the company.

The ultimate goal of your PMO is to house all of the details of your project in order to best prioritize your business’ needs. Risk management, communication management, project prioritization, Project Assurance™, and scheduling are only a few of the factors we take into consideration when it comes to managing a successful PMO.