Concept Design & Realization

With just a concept we can turn your dream into a tangible product. First, we must understand your product needs and goals. Concept design and realization is the first step in fulfilling clients’ dreams.

Product Development

Approach us with an idea, and we will ensure not only that all your production needs are met, but that your product design and development will achieve something that can be fully manufactured.

Pilot Manufacturing

After your product has been developed, we will launch a pilot program. This small-scale first manufacturing opportunity allows you to receive a product that works and can be taken to trade shows and other events. However, this is primarily an opportunity to learn more about your product and make changes in design and functionality to prevent any mishaps once it is time for your first large order.

DFx Analysis & Design

DFx analysis is a system wherein the “x” is any given variable you may need to design for in order to ensure that you are optimizing your product. Whether “x” represents manufacturing, assembly, cost, test, procurement, or risk, we can analyze your existing design and alter one component slightly to better serve the entire production process. Our expertise in the industry allows us to analyze for these needs and advise you on the best design changes to meet your overall goals.

CAD/CAM Services

Our Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing services take your designs and create a solid, 3D model using SOLIDWORKS. These models can be sent out immediately for production.


Considered small-scale pilot manufacturing, we can use your designs to create even just one or two models for your particular needs, whether for testing or for a show. This creates a purely physical form of your product that may not be fully functional.

DFMEA & Training

Short for Design, Failure Mode, and Effects Analysis and Training, DFMEA is a form of quality-checking a product for failures. Based on the life expectancy of your product, we can adjust different components and optimize your design to best meet your needs.