Having an ERP Implementation Project Manager is Imperative to Your Organization

Having an ERP Implementation Project Manager is Imperative to Your Organization

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes typically facilitated by powerful software used to collect, store, manage and interpret business activity data. Once primarily utilized in large manufacturing companies, ERP solutions are now being applied to smaller businesses resulting in significant cost savings and increased production and efficiency.

We often find businesses of all sizes having immature finance, accounting, human resource, manufacturing, sales and quality control systems. These generally work independent of each other, creating issues from the fact disparate systems do not communicate well. This typically leads to slowed throughput, duplication of effort, and inaccurate results. All conditions that negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

Alluvionic’s ERP implementation project management experience includes the implementation of ERP systems within both simple and complex organizations. When an ERP solution is not adequately selected or improperly implemented, serious issues arise as these systems are at the heart of how business gets done. Our ERP implementation project managers pride themselves on being able to thoroughly evaluate a customer’s needs, then selecting and developing a personalized solution for their business.

Deltek Costpoint is an ERP application we’ve implemented with many customers and is used heavily by government contractors. We begin each ERP implementation project management process by conducting a thorough evaluation of the implementation team and company culture. A Deltek project manager generates a comprehensive plan which is then presented to the team and tracked throughout the life of the project ensuring the process runs smoothly. When needed, an additional Deltek project manager, Costpoint project manager or ERP implementation expert can be brought in to assist with specific aspects of the project. Once the ERP implementation is complete, Alluvionic will remain to address post-implementation issues and to support adoption.

Are you considering implementing an ERP? If so, Alluvionic’s ERP implementation project management experts can help ensure an efficient and smooth transition. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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