Alluvionic President and CEO, Wendy Romeu, Featured Expert on Risk Assessment

Expert on Risk Assessment

As Expert on Risk Assessment, Alluvionic considers it a critical component to a project’s success and to deliver total Project Assurance®. Understanding this approach, Alluvionic President and CEO, Wendy Romeu, was a featured expert on Smartsheet’s article “The Essentials of Effective Project Risk Assessments.”

This informative article features experts from around the country describing 10 important steps in a project’s risk assessment. A prominent voice in the article, Romeu explains the many benefits of this critical process, walking through a successful approach and the lessons she has learned through her years of experience.

“It’s about communicating what risks are happening and what the impact of those risks are. If they happen, everybody knows what the plan is. And people aren’t taken by surprise.”

To read the full article, and learn more from Expert on Risk Assessment about the importance of risk assessment, visit here.

Learn more about Alluvionic’s success in using the innovative Smartsheet tool for their clients, including  the U.S. Space Force, streamlining launch checklists to increase collaboration, here.
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