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Our CMMI® Implementation and
Appraisal Services

Gap Analysis:

- Assess the organization’s current processes, practices, and systems to determine gaps.
- Assess the organization’s work products to determine how well processes are being followed.
-Based on the organization’s assessment results, identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for achieving accreditation.

Implementation & Accreditation:

- Provide a structured and tailored approach founded on PM fundamentals to ensure project success.
- Employ Organization Change Management techniques to enhance process adoption and retention.
- Lead Appraisers handle all formal applications to ISACA and ensures optimal timing of events to reduce risk.


-Annual Health Check services peeks into the organization to ensure adoption is maintained in the years prior to reappraisal.
- Low-hour Monthly Maintenance services offer a more hands on approach to facilitating adoption and adherence.
- Readiness Review services provide timely data to help fine tune right before reappraisal.

Why Choose Alluvionic 

  • Analyze processes using gap analysis techniques and tools
  • Provide recommendations and timelines for accreditation
  • Leverage strengths and address areas of need
  • Offer library of compliant tools, templates and forms
  • Ensure common-sense interpretation of requirements
  • Flexible support for policy, process and procedure writing
  • ISACA qualified CMMI® Lead Appraisers
  • ISACA qualified CMMI® Appraisal Team Members ready to
  • supplement any team
  • ISACA approved CMMI® Training
  • Up to date with latest version of the model
  • Over 60 satisfied CMMI® customers
  • Our consultants have over 100+ years of CMMI® experience

What is CMMI?

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) helps firms deliver high quality products and services. Organizations gain an understanding of their current level of performance capability and are able to set the foundation for robust continuous improvement.

Alluvionic specializes in helping firms understand the model requirements and break down its complexity. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth non-disruptive transition with lasting results. Our flexible approach allows for reduced impact to the organization while still meeting critical timing needs. Strong partnerships with Lead Appraisers ensure our customers are able to secure limited appraisal slots that work with their overall timing strategy.

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