Creating NAVFAC’s Project Management Ecosystem – Success Story

Creating NAVFAC’s Project Management Ecosystem – Success Story

The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), the organization responsible for providing technical and acquisition solutions at all project stages in alignment with the priorities of the Fleet and Marine Corps, was in the process of refining and advancing its Accelerating Project Management Excellence strategic framework. Their aim was to streamline internal processes and references, while adhering to industry best practices, through a comprehensive revision of existing project management tools and templates. This effort would need to be undertaken in accordance with the guidelines from the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (OUSD) Project Management Agreement (PMA), with the overarching goal of establishing a shared understanding among all project stakeholders. In order to accomplish this, the organization sought out professional consultants to create value and successfully enact its mission.

Enter Alluvionic’s expert team. Armed with an innovative solution, Alluvionic streamlined NAVFAC’s project management framework, generating a meticulously organized ecosystem navigable by all stakeholders, while upholding the tenets of standards and guidelines critical to the organization. By creating standardized project management tools and templates for NAVFAC with consistent formatting and styling, Alluvionic ensured project scalability – no matter the size or complexity of the mission. 

Delivering Project Assurance, ® Alluvionic began by conducting content mapping and conducting workshops for content development and validation. We then collaborated with key NAVFAC representatives to address several key characteristics of the templates such as organization, structure, format, and content. Following this, a gap analysis was performed to pinpoint differences between NAVFAC’s current processes and templates and industry standards. This process involved collecting data to develop and validate the content. Finally, Alluvionic conducted training sessions to educate project managers across the organization on how to effectively use the templates, ensuring lasting success.

According to Aaron Phillips, Director of Project Management at NAVFAC, “Alluvionic is a top-notch organization. They’ve consistently delivered quality products on time. They are professional and have been a pleasure to work with. Alluvionic has been a true partner in helping us achieve our goals as part of NAVFAC’s Accelerating Project Management Excellence strategic framework.”

The final outcome: Alluvionic provided NAVFAC with six completed templates, which include the NAVFAC Charter, Project Management Plan, Change Log, Risk Register, Stakeholder Register, and Stakeholder Engagement Plan. Additionally, the training for these templates was recorded, enabling future project managers to efficiently familiarize themselves with the current templates. Going the extra mile, Alluvionic took the initiative to create an additional document called “PMO Templates Questions and Answers,” which compiles the resources requested during the different training sessions to ensure a smooth process for the long run.

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