Alluvionic Featured in Wall Street Journal as Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity Expert in Wall Street Journal

Alluvionic continues to expand its list of capabilities and expertise. With our certified expert staff, Alluvionic is becoming known as one of the authoritative organizations in the rapidly changing industry of cybersecurity. In April, the Wall Street Journal covered the newly evolving world of cyber insurance in its article “What Is Personal Cyber Insurance—and Should You Buy It?” One of the industry experts quoted in this informative article was Alluvionic’s VP of Service Lines, Elizabeth Huy.

Since 1889, The Wall Street Journal has led the way in chronicling the rise of industries in America, and around the World. Today, this pillar in the news industry reaches over 3.5 million readers and is considered the authority of financial and business news. 

The article,  “What Is Personal Cyber Insurance—and Should You Buy It?”discusses questions consumers may have about personal cyber insurance including; Who should consider coverage? Who offers personal cyber insurance? What’s covered? What might it cost? How much protection do I need? and Will I qualify?

The last question asked, Is buying cyber insurance enough to protect me? Includes expertise from Huy: Cyber insurance isn’t a substitute for good cyber practices such as not reusing passwords, using multifactor identification and updating devices when security patches come out, says Elizabeth Huy, vice president of service lines at Alluvionic Inc., a cyber-risk advisory firm for businesses.

“Cyber insurance should be part of a holistic approach to risk mitigation,” she says.

To read the full article (paywall may prohibit viewership) click here. 

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