How Can My Company Benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation?

How Can My Company Benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation?

We all agree that time is money. Assigning too many or too little resources to a project can have devastating results on the bottom line, especially when implementing an ERP system. This common problem costs companies and manufacturing firms millions of dollars each year. By having the appropriate Deltek project management when implementing Deltek software which provides ERP implementation solutions that can help companies manage every aspect of their projects. Deltek project management software provides a reliable, integrated solution for financial and resource management. Costpoint, for example, is a leading platform used by government contractors to ensure reporting and compliance. It also manages all accounting, human resources, sales, project manufacturing and corporate financials.

Alluvionic specializes in incorporating powerful ERP software solutions to help businesses improve performance and efficiency while generating an impressive return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a look at some of the personnel Alluvionic has on staff to help ensure a smooth ERP implementation process.

ERP Implementation Project Manager

An ERP Implementation Project Manager evaluates the needs of your business, then develops a customized solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency and production. Our ERP Implementation Project Manager plays an integral role in making sure the best ERP solution is selected for your business and properly implemented.

Deltek Project Manager

Our Deltek Project Manager is in charge of designing a comprehensive plan for Deltek ERP implementation. Once implementation begins, the Deltek Project Manager tracks progress while ensuring the process runs smooth and efficiently. The Deltek Project Manager also insures that all the stakeholders are properly informed and the rollout of the Deltek ERP system as smooth as possible.

Costpoint Project Manager

A Costpoint Project Manager is assigned to companies converting to this integrated software solution. The Costpoint Project Manager plays an integral role making sure data from independent systems (i.e. human resource, accounting, manufacturing, sales, finance, etc.) is seamlessly transferred to the new system. The Costpoint Project Manager will also conduct training with staff and address any post-implementation questions that may arise.

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Next month, we will take a closer look at Alluvionic’s engineering services. We can transform your concept into market-ready product. Prototyping, CAD/CAM services and pilot manufacturing are among the engineering services we provide. Whether you are just at the idea stage or already have a prototype, we will pair you with the right engineering service to fit you needs.

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