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Microsoft Project: Use filters within the Microsoft Project to present the team with relevant current data. Showing the entire schedule will often overwhelm team members and reduce their attention span.

Microsoft project software is an application which is produced by Microsoft. It is project management software that is mainly used to create plans, monitor progress, analyze workloads, designate resources to tasks and manage budgets. The software also helps in establishing critical path schedules and may also be helpful in formulating critical chain and event chain methodology using third party add-ons. It also helps in enabling schedules to be resource leveled while the chains are displayed in Gantt Chart. Also, the ability to view and retrieve information is decided by the user’s class. Other users are able to access information such as views, calendars, filters and fields, and tables.

Microsoft Project is known for being a powerful tool that remains a staple of enterprise-level project management.  It is a legacy project management software that is used by 67 percent of small businesses.

The top reasons to use Microsoft project include:

  1. Collaborate on projects
  2. Delegate tasks
  3. Stay on schedule
  4. Track projects
  5. Provide a snapshot of the project
  6. Communicate with clients and vendors


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