Launching the Future: U.S. Space Force STARCOM Headquarters Touches Down on Florida’s Space Coast

Alluvionic discusses how this monumental transition will impact the region, and how we stand ready to serve for mission success. In May, the Department of the U.S. Air Force announced the exciting news that Patrick Space Force Base was selected as the preferred location for the Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM) Headquarters, along with Space Delta 10. STARCOM, one of three U.S. Space Force field commands, is responsible for the deliberate development, education, and training of space professionals. It also plays a key role in the development of space warfighting doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as the operational test and evaluation of Space Force systems.Space Delta 10 is responsible for doctrine and wargaming, developing Space Force doctrine and tactics, conducting the service’s Lessons Learned program, and executing and supporting wargames to adequately posture space forces and designated joint and allied partners.

Alluvionic, located just six miles and two stop lights away from Patrick Space Force Base, is prepared to be an integral partner in ensuring mission assurance with this exciting transition. But what exactly does this move mean for our national defense and our local community? Moreover, how is Alluvionic ready to support our national security throughout this process? Read on to discover insights from Alluvionic staff members, Jason Havel and Amy Lewis.


When fully staffed, STARCOM is expected to be a 350-person organization, while Space Delta 10 will staff approximately 100 personnel. The growth of an additional 450 Space Force professionals will bring a positive impact for the local area in myriad ways. Jason Havel, VP Strategy and Business Development at Alluvionic, explains one way: “Housing STARCOM on Patrick Space Force Base will create a host/tenant relationship where Patrick SFB, through SSC, will have additional personnel and resource requirements to provide increased support. When the support personnel are added to the manpower increases, there will be significantly more than 450 paying positions moving to the area.”

But, there’s more. Amy Lewis, Director of Government Services and Training at Alluvionic, discusses impacts beyond the increased jobs to the area. “This transition could result in training events, Command conferences and seminars, as well as presidential,  congressional, and state-level attention and visits,” she explains. “Potentially, we could also see new construction and renovations to facilities and infrastructure to support the increase of resources.”

In the long term, as Patrick becomes the known Space Port and  continues to grow in responsibility, importance, and size, other Defense and Space Industry partners will see the benefits of moving to the region, bringing both significant rewards and big opportunities for sustainable growth to the outlying areas. Lewis explains, “Titusville could see an upturn in population and renovation as the need for housing and communities rises within commuting distance to PSFB and the Cape.”


Many times, increases in manning, transfers of units’ locations, new construction/renovation, and support resources rely first on contractors as they are generally faster to employ and can provide temporary support until manning and resources can be allocated for federal employment. These positions can include everything from a range of support, such as administrative, training, systems and software implementations, construction, and maintenance, to name just a few.


Alluvionic’s expertise in project management, process improvement, engineering, defensive cyber security, and government services means we are well-prepared to support our new and existing USSF neighbors. With over $15 million in current Government contracts, Alluvionic covers a scope which includes classroom and virtual training, maintenance and operations of classified classrooms and classified simulators, defensive cybersecurity, and cybersecurity compliance. Additionally, we specialize in DoD acquisitions, process improvement with DEVSECOPS software tool development through Smartsheet, and model-based mechanical engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and failure analysis.

Our track record of serving USSF customers includes the 1st Range Operations Squadron, the 30th and 45th Civil Engineering Squadrons, the 30th and 45th Force Support Squadrons, and the 45th Weather Squadron.

In addition to this strong and reputable experience, Alluvionic’s highly-trained and credentialed staff hold years of experience in Government Contracting and decades of combined military career experience. They hold PMP, CAPM, Lean Six Sigma, and Cyber-AB RP credentials and are a Cyber-AB Registered Provider Organization and CMMI Institute partner. 

Excited to learn more? Contact us at or at 321-241-4510.

About Amy Lewis:
As a driven and successful leader with more than 20 years of experience, she has mastered skills in organizational leadership, program management, international relations, conflict resolution, human capital management and training, and more. Throughout her career, she has served myriad positions in the United States Air Force in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance career field and as a leader within the 16th Air Force, the National Security Agency, Chief of Staff of the Air Force Strategic Integration Group, and most recently as the Command Chief of the Air Force Technical Applications Center. 



About Jason Havel:
Jason Havel is an accomplished Project Manager, Program Manager, and leader with more than 23 years of experience in planning and operations to include cost, schedule, and contractual requirements for internal and external projects and programs. He spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, where he was a KC-135 and C-130 Navigator and most recently the commander of the Department of Defense Human Spaceflight support to NASA. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and holds degrees from the Air Command and Staff College, Webster University, and Western Michigan University. He is PMP certified and an expert educator and instructor.

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