Avoid Turnover and Never Lose an Employee Again

Alluvionic transforms the framework of Coleman’s “Never Lose an Employee Again” into tools for your employee’s journey.

In 2021, more than 47 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs*, marking an unprecedented mass exodus from the workforce, now referred to as the Great Resignation. This phenomenon, fueled by the pandemic, is deemed to be “here to stay” according to the Harvard Business Review. The future success of your company in attracting and retaining talent will primarily hinge on your capacity to offer benefits that address the evolving needs of workers.

Alluvionic has recognized this shift and the importance of prioritizing the employee journey. Companies that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing their employees can cultivate greater loyalty while gaining recognition among prospective employees. The Great Resignation has prompted many employers to contemplate and design new work environments to improve employee retention. Experts from Investopedia.com suggest that employers can offer more accommodating work arrangements, including remote work, hybrid work, and flexible schedules. Moreover, they can listen to what employees say they want and need instead of making tone-deaf, top-down decisions. While these changes are imperative, what if there was a way to ensure that each of your employees felt so satisfied in their career choice that your turnover rate was significantly reduced?

In his book, “Never Lose a Customer Again,” Joey Coleman outlines an eight-phase methodology (assess, admit, affirm, activate, acclimate, accomplish, adopt, advocate) that helps to “identify customers’ emotional needs, guarantee their desired outcomes, and turn passive customers into raving fans.” With his extensive experience in transforming customers into enthusiastic advocates, Joey has dedicated his career to assisting organizations in retaining their top customers through engaging keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. Through this experience, he also discovered that 77% of employees are disengaged at work, which prompted Coleman to extend his methodology into the workplace with his new book, “Never Lose an Employee Again.”

This inspirational process, coupled with Alluvionic’s expertise in project management, culminated in the development of a framework for organizations to enhance their ability to effectively implement Coleman’s approach to employee retention and satisfaction. Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool is specifically designed to assist you in finding, hiring, onboarding, and retaining the right talent for your business.



The Employee Journey Tool has transformed the eight steps into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, ensuring a seamless experience and addressing common challenges along the way. Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool guarantees that employees have a positive experience throughout their entire journey with your organization, ultimately enhancing employee retention and productivity.

Here’s an overview of how Alluvionic adapted Coleman’s methods from both “Never Lose a Customer Again” and “Never Lose an Employee Again” to create the employee journey:

  1. Hiring the right talent can be a challenging task. Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool helps remove the guesswork from your hiring process during the assess phase. In this phase, you can evaluate your current talent pool and determine the specific type of employees you need to achieve your goals. Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool will provide guidance on how to identify and attract this targeted talent, including tips on creating consistent and compelling brand messaging to engage potential employees.
  2. Speaking of finding the right employees, the second phase, admit, involves selecting the most suitable candidates. Alluvionic has developed an employee journey tracker that assists you in monitoring your candidates throughout the hiring process. Additionally, they offer a new employee packet automation tool that streamlines your onboarding process for new hires.
  3. In the Affirm phase, you can ensure that your new employees feel welcomed and supported. Alluvionic’s onboarding checklist and employee preferences intake tool ensure that your new hires have everything they need to start off on the right foot.
  4. Now that you have hired the right employees, the activate phase focuses on facilitating onboarding in a way that allows employees to truly engage with your company and its culture. Alluvionic has developed an onboarding action plan tool that will assist you in creating a personalized onboarding experience for each new employee.
  5. An essential part of the onboarding process, where new employees familiarize themselves with your policies and procedures, is made easy in the acclimate phase. With Alluvionic’s checklist, you can ensure that employees have easy access to all the necessary information they need.
  6. The accomplish phase aims to ensure that your employees are achieving their goals while contributing to the success of your company. To facilitate this, Alluvionic’s happiness dashboard provides an easy-to-use platform to track employee engagement and satisfaction.
  7. While onboarding your employees is crucial, ensuring they become fully integrated into your company’s culture and values is essential for long-lasting success. In the adopt phase, this integration is precisely measured. Alluvionic’s employee success story intake tool allows you to share employees’ success stories and celebrate their achievements, contributing to a positive and inclusive work environment.
  8. Finally, in the advocate phase, your employees become ambassadors for your organization. Alluvionic provides milestone notifications and referral rewards tools to encourage employees to refer their friends and colleagues to the company. Additionally, this phase celebrates their own milestones and achievements, further fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.

So, how does Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool bring the framework to life?

Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool utilizes the power of Smartsheet, a modern work management solution that offers a comprehensive suite of collaboration, project management, and work automation tools. With Smartsheet, you can effectively manage projects in a centralized location, benefiting from features such as sheets, forms, reports, dashboards, and automation tools, among others. As an Aligned Silver Solutions partner of Smartsheet, Alluvionic provides collaborative work solutions that enable businesses to accelerate their processes and foster innovation. With a focus on long-term adoption, Alluvionic delivers Project Assurance® to ensure the success of your projects.

By implementing Alluvionic’s tools, businesses can seamlessly incorporate each phase of Joey Coleman’s framework into their operations, simplifying the implementation and enhancement of their employee experience. Smartsheet’s user-friendly and intuitive platform empowers businesses to manage the entire employee journey, enabling them to minimize turnover.

We’re here to provide you with a deeper understanding of this employee journey. We will guide you through Alluvionic’s Employee Journey Tool and demonstrate how it plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining successful employee retention. By utilizing this tool, you can effectively cultivate long-term employee loyalty and you never lose an employee again.

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