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Our Notification System's Key Features:

Custom-Tailored Workflows:

SMS texting empowers users to create personalized workflows and automation to meet a variety of needs.

Targeted Contact Lists:

Easily organize contact lists for different functional areas, allowing you to efficiently message specific groups of customers.

Two-Way SMS Messaging:

Enable interactive communication by sending and receiving SMS messages. Follow up on responses effortlessly and track engagement.

Email Alerts at No Extra Cost:

Easily demonstrate the utilization of your area with comprehensive data visualization. Showcase the impact of your operations and make informed decisions.

Media Integration:

Enhance messages with images if desired. Include URLs to direct customers to websites or links, expanding communication options.

Scheduled Messaging:

Plan and schedule messages in advance, ensuring timely and strategic communication with customers.

Our Proven Process:

Gap Analysis:

Alluvionic collects information including pain points, reporting goals, security considerations, and technical requirements. We will create a communication plan for key stakeholders.

Data Collection:

Alluvionic initiates the data collection process and ensures systematic organization and documentation of gathered data. Examples include message templates, customer contact information, existing intake forms and process flows.

Design and Testing:

Alluvionic testing procedures include System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Regression Testing. We will track issues, support troubleshooting, and facilitate review and approval of resolutions before communicating the process to the end users.

Process Documentation:

Alluvionic will document processes extensively using Work Instructions (WIs). The documentation will be detailed, clear and user-friendly. Guidance will be provided to set customer expectations and support.


Upon finalizing Work Instruction documents, Alluvionic will conduct user training. Leadership will receive a high-level overview of the system and processes. We adopt a “train-the-trainer” approach as part of the Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy.

Post-Implementation Support:

Alluvionic provides responsive post- implementation support to ensure adoption of the tools. Regular check-in conversations provide stakeholders the chance to ask questions, report issues, or suggest improvements.

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