Alluvionic’s Alec Hall honored as one of Orlando Business Journals’ 2021 Power Players

Once upon a time, a disruption was thought of something to avoid – a disturbance or problem of the unexpected. However, in recent years, the word has taken on a new meaning – a noun which defines a person, company, or technology that changes the way an industry operates, especially in a new or innovative way. Think of Elon Musk bringing new life to the commercial space industry or how Uber changed the way we think of taxi services. For Alluvionic’s VP of Programs, Alec Hall, changing the cybersecurity industry was a passion and commitment which recently led to him being named one of Orlando Business Journals’ 2021 Power Players in the disruptor category.

Through feverous advocacy, Alec has remained at the forefront of a campaign to reach out to manufacturing extension partnerships in all 50 states while working with dozens of industry associations and economic development councils to raise awareness on the cybersecurity needs of small businesses. In 2021, he lent his voice and expertise to a dozen webinars, forums, and industry lectures, and was featured nationally in Manufacturing News to help raise awareness for cybersecurity amongst small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Alec didn’t stop there. He was the FIRST industry expert invited to brief the Cybersecurity in Higher Education Committee and promoted an increased university research focus toward system-wide security standards. His voice reached the halls of Congress, where he provided advice on increases to national cybersecurity spending directly to Florida’s congressional delegation, while connecting several SMBs to state and federal grants that have enabled those businesses to build a foundation of cybersecurity hygiene that will perpetuate their profitability and success.

When asked what makes him a notable disruptor, Alec replied “my passion and commitment to cybersecurity, education and industry partners has had a multiplying effect on the security and success of the community.”

Learn more about Alec and the other 15 Central Florida businesspeople who were chosen in the Disruptors category, here. <<link >>

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