Celebrating the Mothers of Alluvionic

Started in 2013 by President and CEO Wendy Romeu, Alluvionic is a women-owned and founded company that values its employees. Our core value of Family ensures a work environment that encourages flexibility and a healthy work-life balance. These values, among others, led to Alluvionic being named to the 2021 Best Places to Work list by the Orlando Business Journal. Throughout May, Alluvionic celebrated the Mothers of Alluvionic on our team on our social media pages. In this blog, we learn a little more about these amazing individuals and how Alluvionic helps bring peace of mind to their most important role: Mom.


Work and life should exist in harmony, and at Alluvionic, this is not only possible but encouraged. The Alluvionic family is composed of hard-working, fun, and kind individuals. We do everything with our customers and employees in mind. Most of all, we hire, manage, and train by our values, just as Stephanie explains:

“At Alluvionic, the importance of family is recognized and emphasized from the top down. I feel supported and encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance. By modeling this behavior, I am able to foster a positive work environment that values both personal and professional growth. It’s refreshing to work for a company that understands the importance of prioritizing family and work-life balance,” Stephanie Synder.


As a mom herself, Wendy Romeu understands the challenges of being a working parent, and even more, the challenges of having two working parents in one household! Wendy’s commitment to her staff shines through her fostering personality and her dedication to ensuring staff members take care of their own needs. Megan shares her experience about her flexible work schedule:

“Working at Alluvionic as a parent has been a great experience because of the company’s value of family and commitment to work-life balance. It has provided me with a flexible work schedule that allows me to adjust my working hours to fit my family’s needs, while still growing my career,” Megan Patel. 

And as all parents know, kids can be unpredictable! From stuffy noses to random no-school days, a lot of things can come up. At Alluvionic, parents can take a deep breath knowing that they are supported when the unexpected happens:

“Any time something comes up with one of my children, I’m encouraged to take the time that is needed to do whatever needs to be done for them. Alluvionic provides great flexibility,” Carrie Wilson.

“Juggling work and family is tough, and it’s easy to feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Alluvionic’s leaders intentionally make space for employees to prioritize family – so when there are times that I have to turn down a work opportunity in favor of my child’s band performance or sporting event – I feel supported,” Lizi Huy.

If flexibility wasn’t enough, Alluvionic itself is flexible with staff’s working-hour needs. Alluvionic is not a one-size-fits-all operation, as Stephanie describes below:

“Working at Alluvionic has been a great experience for me. I am able to work part-time and still have plenty of time to spend with my kids doing things we love, such as going to the park and the library, and participating in various activities. It’s wonderful to work for a company that values work-life balance and allows me to prioritize my family while still maintaining a fulfilling career,” Stephanie Snyder.


Many organizations hide their upper executives in fancy corner offices, limiting access for employees. But that’s not the case at Alluvionic. CEO Wendy Romeu often asks her staff, “How are you doing?” and genuinely means it. With the core value of Integrity, which means doing the right things for the right reasons, Alluvionic fosters an environment of positivity and forward progress.

“I feel supported as a parent here because people actually know me and my story as a parent. They ask how my family members are doing. I have worked in places for several years where I don’t know if my boss knew anything about me,” Sheila Norris. 

“I love that I don’t have to sacrifice my family for my work. My work family has been so supportive of my big life moments – from throwing me a bridal shower to having a work gender reveal for our new baby. I get to share my special moments with people who understand the value of family,” Cherise Reguero.


Forward progress isn’t limited to our innovative products. At Alluvionic, we cultivate a culture of growth through our leadership. Staff are provided the tools and resources needed to excel in their career, while still supporting the importance of family. Every individual is supported with a mentor, a career progression plan, and numerous professional development opportunities.

“The flexibility enables me to spend more time with my children, attend school events, and take care of my family responsibilities without sacrificing my career growth,” Megan Patel.

“Alluvionic provides flexibility for me to be an active, engaged mom to my two boys  and to have a successful career. I have grown in my role and responsibilities during my tenure, but I haven’t had to sacrifice time with my family in the process,” Lizi Huy.

We don’t forget about those fur babies either! 

“Working at Alluvionic as a dog mom has been wonderful. I have 3 dogs so it seems like there is always something going on with one of them. Alluvionic is flexible and understanding about these types of things. They really allow you to put family (pets included) first,” Lauren Mares.

“I feel supported as a pet parent at Alluvionic because I am allowed to have a hybrid/remote work schedule. I have 4 fur children and they can be needy, being able to be home with them more often than not really helps their anxiety and mine,” Phoebe De Boever.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Alluvionic on our website at https://alluvionic.com/careers/  or discover more about working at Alluvionic, including more on its renowned wellness room, in the Orlando Business Journal’s interview with VP of Service Lines, Lizi Huy.  

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