Celebrating the Women of Alluvionic

Events our staff attendsAs we come close to the end of Women’s History Month 2023, join us in learning more about some of the women of Alluvionic and what inspires them. Started in 2013 by President and CEO Wendy Romeu, Alluvionic is a women-owned and founded company that empowers all employees, including our female staff, who consist of 51.1% of our workforce. To learn more about these talented and valued women, we asked them about the women who inspire them, how they got started in their careers, and their hopes for the future for women.



The theme of International Women’s Day 2023, which kicked off Women’s History Month on March 8, is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, highlighting gender gaps in STEM education and careers. Alluvionic, which is headquartered in Melbourne on Florida’s Space Coast, works for and partners with many STEM and tech-focused organizations. In fact, Alluvionic holds several STEM capabilities, including engineering services, cybersecurity, and training, to name a few. We are proud to see that women in STEM careers are on the rise as women empower other women to advance their careers. Alluvionic staff member Sheila Norris, Staff Accountant, notes:
“My first full-time professional position with a manufacturer in Atlanta was made possible through networking at a Lamaze class! My current position at Alluvionic was through a recommendation by a former coworker. I wholeheartedly believe in networking and maintaining contact, especially with other women, so that we can help each other!” Or, as Courtney McCloud, Administrative Assistant,, says of her Alluvionic colleague:
“I got into my career with the help of an amazing woman Elizabeth Huy. She saw something in me that I did not see myself.”
And, showing support for both the past and present women in her life, Alluvionic staff member Ariel Aparicio, Project Manager, shares how these strong supporters have shaped her career:
“I was interning for an incredible group of women at a small non-profit organization and was able to gain insight into a lot of different business industries. During the internship, I discovered that project management was the right path for me, and then coincidentally met the QUEEN of project management, my now CEO, Wendy Romeu.”


We have fun outings like bowling

In a February 2023 press release from The White House, President Biden officially called upon all Americans to observe the month by celebrating and learning more about the vital contribution of women to our Nation’s history. While this may make you recall those famous and notorious women of our nation’s past, there are those everyday women who have impacted our lives just as dramatically.

Ariel Aparicio remembers the woman who inspired her most, her grandmother, “she came to the United States for my family to have a better future,

and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities she gave our family when she made a decision as big as leaving her country.” While Lauren Mares, Administrative Assistant, feels most inspired by Alluvionic’s President and CEO, Wendy Romeu, “her encouraging words and support inspire me to be the best version of myself, both professionally and personally. Overall, Wendy serves as a role model for me, and her leadership style inspires me to strive for excellence in all areas of my life.”

While others noted amazing women from history, both from our nation and others, Sarah Levanti, Marketing Specialist, notes how Anne Frank continues to inspire her, “a vision at such a young age who can teach us to face adversity and fear no matter the circumstances while finding happiness in the darkest of times.” While Stephanie Snyder, Operations Manager, admires Harriet Tubman for how she “put people first and cared about others over her own welfare.”


According to AmericanProgress.org, thanks to the strong economic recovery, women’s labor force participation is reaching new highs, with prime-age women’s employment back to a pre-pandemic level. However, challenges remain. Alluvionic notes these challenges and is committed to supporting every person on their staff and to hire, manage, and train by our values. An equal-opportunity employer, all qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.
So, what challenges do our staff hope to see improve in the future?
“My hope is to see women joining together, supporting one another, and being transparent about their journeys. My wish is that we abandon the idea of competing and struggling to establish ourselves in the world but rather recognizing that we are already present at the table, actively shaping the future,” said Stephanie Snyder.
Courtney McCloud hopes to continue to see “women build each other up to accomplish greater and bigger things together.” While Ariel Aparicio hopes that “women will always feel empowered to speak up for themselves or others.”
While some staff note the hardships that come from comparison, “I hope that women don’t hold themselves back by comparison to others in the past and can use their uniqueness to their advantage,” said Lauren Mares. While Sarah Levanti chimes in that she hopes women “fight the stigma! Get rid of filters and comparisons and continue the body-positivity movement.”
And finally, Carrie Wilson, Operations Support Specialist sums it up nicely: “My hope for the future of women is that they ALL can be comfortably independent.”


We couldn’t pick a favorite, so here is what the ladies had to say:
“I love that there are women of all ages and seasons in their careers that we can reach out to, ask questions and learn from. We can brainstorm with brilliant minds and ask honest questions in a safe space,” – Stephanie Snyder, Operations Manager
“I like working at Alluvionic because they are very particular in their selection process to ensure the people of the company are a great match with our values. As a woman, I am also a mother and appreciate the flexibility of remote work as needed,” – Carrie Wilson, Operations Support Specialist
“I love Wendy’s leadership and genuine care for her Alluvionic team. She is truly an inspiration and, as people say, ‘one of the good ones’ “ – Sarah Levanti, Marketing Specialist
“I adore the palpable woman power here at Alluvionic! The support and encouragement received are second to none and underlie the fact that employee success drives company success,” – Sheila Norris, Staff Accountant
Women of Alluvionic - meetings“I am not limited in what I can learn as I have the opportunity to manage projects in numerous fields. Whether it’s engineering, government contracts, or process improvement projects, I have been given the right tools and learned the main skills I can apply to any type of project,” – Ariel Aparicio – Project Manager
“I love working at Alluvionic because I feel like I am part of a family. I am supported, encouraged, and taught everyday. I feel understood always and I am constantly reassured that I am doing a good job,” – Lauren Mares, Administrative Assistant
“I like coming to work and knowing I’m working on something meaningful. I also appreciate that everyone is treated like family, ready to help with anything and celebrates your victories,” Courtney McCloud – Administrative Assistant
So, here’s to the women in our lives, both past and present. Let us celebrate them this March, and every day throughout the year.
Learn more about what it is like to work at Alluvionic on our website. 

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