Here’s to the Dads at Alluvionic!

In May, we celebrated the mother’s of Alluvionic, learning a little more about these amazing individuals and how Alluvionic helps bring peace of mind to their most important role. This month, we’re shouting-out to dear ol’ Dad and their key contributions both in the office, and at home. 

Alluvionic’s core value of Family ensures a work environment that encourages flexibility and a healthy work-life balance. These values, among others, led to Alluvionic being named to the Best Places to Work list by the Orlando Business Journal in 2021 AND (big news) again in 2022. Let’s hear what Dads Floyd Capistrano and Bobby Padilla had to say about their careers at Alluvionic and how it brings harmony to their work-life balance.


Alluvionic understands that family is more than a word, it’s a value. In fact, it is one of our core values. And family goes beyond the four walls of Alluvionic, as Floyd describes:

At its core, Alluvionic is a family business. A number of Alluvionic associate children have worked in the office, including my son Dean. I love that the company welcomes young talent and is willing to invest in their development. It especially meant a lot to me to get to see my son start his engineering career with the company,” said Capistrano. 

As owner Wendy Romeu explains, “Without our team members’ families’ support, we could not do the great work we do. This support, and being there for them to help them navigate through our growth, opportunities, and challenges, does NOT go unnoticed.”


Oftentimes, a career may pull you away from dinner time or family events. Alluvionic stresses the importance of ensuring a work-life balance is truly possible for members of their team while working in a career they love:

“After retiring from a successful career in the U.S. Air Force, I was looking forward to making “Husband and Dad” my number one job title. But I also had the desire to continue to use my skills and abilities to make a difference in my career field of Cybersecurity. Alluvionic has enabled me to do both. I work a schedule that is right for my family and have the ability to support our company and the clients we serve in a meaningful way,” said Bobby.


Have an important appointment or need to make it to your kid’s recital, you do NOT have to worry:

“Alluvionic understands the needs of parents, and I never feel bad for having to leave a little early every so often to pick up my daughter from school or to take an afternoon to attend a family event. The flexibility and understanding are such a great perks,” explains Floyd. 

Perk for sure. The benefits of Alluvionic go beyond vacation and sick time. Most team members wear a few hats, and we love hiring versatile talent. Every person is supported with a mentor, a career progression plan, and many professional development opportunities. We offer generous benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k), Paid Time Off, Smart Casual Dress Code, Professional Development, free office snacks, and more. 

“I appreciate the support of the Alluvionic leadership to enable the flexibility to be present for my family,” said Bobby.

Also, we don’t forget the fun: 

“Alluvionic also welcomes family members to participate in community events.  I love the 5k’s,” said Floyd. 

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