Planning for CMMC Certification?

CMMC Certification

Alluvionic’s framework delivers Project Assurance® for CMMC Certification, helping you reach your compliance goals.   

The roll out of CMMC 2.0 has brought about positive changes for businesses who are planning for their CMMC certification. The revised framework is more streamlined with a reduced number of controls aligning with NIST 800-171, ensuring that the future CMMC requirement is directly connected to the current DFARS requirements.

However, even with these improvements, there remain barriers and challenges which require your team to have best practices in place to ensure you successfully achieve CMMC compliance. CMMC planning through Alluvionic’s approach of Project Assurance® combines technical project management with organizational change management (OCM) and risk management to reach your CMMC compliance goals. Below, we take a look at how we accomplish this with your team, including some key differentiators in our service which has supported over 85 companies in pursuit of their CMMC compliance goals.

Start with learning and understanding the CMMC requirements 

This may sound too simple, but to start your CMMC planning process, it is critical to learn and understand the requirements in order to establish the importance of this critical certification across your organizational chain. Building this baseline with an internal champion at the leadership level will help your people understand WHY this matters from a business perspective and what the process entails. Some topics of understanding include cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, impacts to operations and assets, consequences of non-compliance, the scope of the compliance effort and the magnitude of achieving (and maintaining) certification.

Build a plan

We love a good plan at Alluvionic. Our foundation is built upon project management, and running CMMC compliance like a project is critical in order to manage the schedule and costs to drive the actions and decisions which will ultimately result in success. Alluvionic’s process for CMMC planning includes six foundational steps: preparation, gap analysis, plan documentation, gap remediation, training, and finally, sustainment. 

THE Change Maker – Integrating Organizational Change Management 

A good plan cannot be complete without proper execution. A differentiator for Alluvionic’s CMMC compliance process includes implementing organizational change management (OCM) concepts to help change the hearts, and minds, of your organization. By preparing for change and providing communication to key stakeholders, your organization can reinforce and manage the changes needed to facilitate the adoption of cyber policies and processes. OCM – this is the difference maker in the long run.



Congratulations! You’ve achieved CMMC compliance. But, what happens now? Ongoing risk management will be key to sustaining compliance. By evaluating evolving threats and continuously updating your risk management plan, policies, and training, your team can assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks to ensure protection of networks and data against these potential threats. 

CMMC Planning with Alluvionic 

Alluvionic’s process to CMMC compliance will assist your team by baselining your organization, building a plan with milestones, implementing new tools and processes for remediation deficiencies and finally achieving certification. Learn more here and contact our team today to start your CMMC process. 

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