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Customer Journey

Alluvionic applies the framework of Coleman’s ‘Never Lose a Customer Again’ into tools for your company’s customer journey

Joey Coleman, author of the best-selling book Never Lose a Customer Again, has found that most companies see between 20-70% of new customers leave or decide to stop working with the company within the first 100 days of the relationship. This breakup in the business-client relationship can cost your company precious resources, not only financially, but in almost every aspect of your business operation. However, Coleman has created a framework that helps businesses transform their customer experience journey, creating loyalty and lifelong fans. Coleman’s process builds a customer experience like no other, making it a way of life, not just a simple to-do list.

According to Coleman, “every single customer interaction, even the most minute details of the interaction, is an opportunity for you to create something remarkable.” The customer experience journey may be one of the most crucial aspects of a business, and it is critical that the journey is smooth, satisfying, and memorable. However, implementing this framework can not only be challenging, but time consuming, and businesses may not know where to start. Alluvionic has created the tools to complement each phase of Coleman’s framework, making it easy for businesses to bring the customer journey to life using the award-winning project management tool, Smartsheet.

Eight steps to successful retention

Customer JourneyThink of the last time you visited that new restaurant in town. How long was it before you went back? Did you ever go back?  Now think of your favorite restaurant. How often do you go and why can’t you wait to go back? Your customer’s can crave your business, just like you have a hankering for your favorite restaurant. In his book, Never Lose a Customer Again, Coleman’s eight-phase methodology helps to “identify customer’s emotional needs, guarantee their desired outcomes, and turn passive customers into raving fans.” This inspirational process mixed with Alluvionic’s expertise in project management provides the structure for organizations to mature their capability to efficiently and effectively execute Coleman’s route to customer retention and satisfaction.

The best-selling book Never Lose a Customer Again is filled with more than forty case studies ranging from small mom and pops to Fortune 500s. Coleman provides specific tools and strategies to apply to your business to create remarkable customer experiences and keep your customers coming back for more. Here’s a snapshot on how Alluvionic moved Coleman’s idea from framework to function:

AssessThe assess phase is where a customer is deciding if they want to do business with you. It is where the business must identify its target customers, their needs, and how to reach their clients.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Our marketing dashboard on Smartsheet provides businesses with real-time insights into their marketing efforts at a glance to help them assess target customers and how to reach them. This tool enables the ability to make data-driven decisions, while the request form makes it easy for potential customers to request information. A cherry on top, the tool’s content calendar helps businesses plan their marketing campaigns effectively.

Marketing Dashboard

Admit: The admit phase is where a customer admits they believe you can solve their problem. It is where the business welcomes new customers and starts building that critical relationship with them.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s customer journey tracker provides businesses with a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey – from initial contact, to onboarding, and beyond. Part of this tool is the new customer packet automation which makes it easy for businesses to welcome new customers and provide them with all the information they need to get started with the company.


AffirmAffirm: The affirm phase is where the customer may begin to doubt the decision they made to work with you. It is where the business assures the customer that they made the right decision by choosing them.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s turnover checklist ensures that businesses don’t drop the ball when transitioning from the sales team to the implementation team. The consultant library provides a centralized repository for all the information the implementation team needs to make to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Activate: The activate phase is where the business delivers on its promises. It is where the business begins to provide value to the customer.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s Smartsheet PMO and checklist provides businesses with a project management solution that ensures they deliver on time and on budget. The solution also makes it easy for businesses to collaborate with the customer and keep them informed throughout the process.


Acclimate: The acclimate phase is where the customer learns about an organization’s way of doing business. It is where the business makes sure the customer is comfortable with the product or service.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s client preferences intake provides businesses with a way to collect and manage customer preferences and ensure they deliver a personalized experience.

Accomplish: The accomplish phase is where the customer achieves the result they were looking for. It is where the business makes sure the customer achieves their goals with the product or service.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s client happiness dashboard provides businesses with a way to track customer satisfaction and ensure they are meeting their goals.


Adopt: The adopt phase is where the customer takes ownership of the relationship. It is where the customer leads the charge and strengthens their bond with the business.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s success story intake provides businesses with a way to collect and share customer success stories, which can be used to encourage other customers to adopt the product or service.

Advocate: The advocate phase is where the customer becomes a raving fan. It is where the customer refers others and becomes an advocate for the brand.
Alluvionic Customer Journey highlight: Alluvionic’s milestone notifications and referral rewards provide businesses with a way to acknowledge and reward their customers for referring others and being advocates for the brand.

So, what is Smartsheet and why will this tool bring the framework to life?

Smartsheet is a modern work management solution offering a range of tools for collaboration, project management, and work automation allowing you to manage projects consistently in a single location. Smartsheet’s set of tools include capabilities such as sheets, forms, reports, dashboards, and automation tools – just to name a few. As a Smartsheet Aligned Solutions partner, Alluvionic’s collaborative work solutions help businesses move faster and drive innovation. With a focus on long-term adoption, we deliver Project Assurance® to ensure project success.

Keep your customers without breaking a sweat

Alluvionic’s tools implement each phase of Joey Coleman’s framework, making it easy for businesses to implement and improve their customer experience. Smartsheet provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform for businesses to manage the customer journey, ensuring that they never lose a customer again. By implementing these tools, businesses can build long-lasting relationships with their customers and create loyal brand advocates.

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A study showed that only 8% of customers thought companies provided a great customer experience, while 80% of companies believe they provided a great customer experience. (

If you want your business to be successful, customer experience needs to shift from being a line item on a “to do” list to being a way of life. (

After making huge investments of time, money, and energy to acquire new customers, most companies see between 20 percent and 70 percent of those customers disappear in less than one hundred days. (

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