Employee Spotlight: Floyd Capistrano

“I joined Alluvionic because of the leadership team and the ability to make a positive impact on the future of a company built on integrity, family, and professionalism.”

Floyd Capistrano, the Vice President of Programs and Development, has been a part of the Alluvionic team for 2 years.  He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida A&M, an MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, and an MBA from the University of Florida.  Floyd also has his PMP® certification.

Prior to joining Alluvionic, Floyd worked at DRS Technologies for 12 years as a Mechanical Functional Manager.  During his time there, he developed ruggedized military and commercial computer systems and displays, hand-held military communication products, and missile targeting sub-systems.  He led a team of 16 engineers through planning, development, and manufacturing transition of numerous projects.  Floyd also worked at Motorola for 7 years, and General Dynamics for 2 years.

His primary responsibility is to ensure high quality in the delivery of Project Management, Process Improvement, and Product Development services to exceed customer expectations.  This includes providing input toward resolving critical business issues and capitalizing on opportunities that align with company strategy.  He is responsible for the CMMI® business including implementation contracts and V2.0 transition.  Finally, he works to develop high quality project managers and engineers.

When asked about the Alluvionic work environment Floyd said, “It is a positive workplace with a leadership team that genuinely cares for the well-being of its employees and the health of the work environment.  Careful consideration is given with every new hire to ensure high character and compatibility with company culture.  Leadership has a genuine interest in the career development of its associates knowing the growth of their individual expertise has the incidental benefit of increasing the company’s capability and quality.”

In his spare time, Floyd loves to spend time with his family, surf, fish, paint, play the uke and some guitar.

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