CMMI® V2.0

After 8 years, the CMMI® Institute has released a new model:  CMMI® V2.0.  CMMI®, Capability Maturity Model Integration, helps organizations in any industry improve performance, quality, and profitability by focusing on what needs to be done to align operations to business goals.  After September 30th, 2020, CMMI® V1.3 appraisals will no longer be accepted.  Alluvionic fully understands CMMI® V2.0 and can make sure that your organization has a smooth transition.  We provide services for  implementation of the model toward accreditation, introductory and Appraisal Team training, providing Appraisal Team resources, and an initial Gap Analysis to assess your firm’s compliance level.

CMMI® V2.0 is designed to meet the challenges of the changing global business landscape.  This model enables organizations to build capability in addressing the challenge of ensuring work and product quality, planning and managing work, building business resilience, and sustaining process improvement practice for continuous improvement.  The updated model features enhanced performance practices that are easier to understand and access.  V2.0 shifts the implementation focus from accreditation to return on investment.

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