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Collaboration of three Brevard-based companies showcase the importance of local partnerships. Residents and companies of Brevard County, Florida—an area also widely known as Florida’s Space Coast—understand the complexities and scope involved in every rocket launch. While Brevard County is home to the most launches in the United States, with an average of more than one launch a week, other locations in the U.S. also conduct launches on a regular basis, including Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) in California.

Recently, one of these complexities called for an innovative and cost-saving solution. VSFB was experiencing costly issues while enforcing restricted access from road boundary lines during rocket launches. Alluvionic, who was recently named a Project Management Institute (PMI) Project of the Year Award finalist for its Launch Checklist Modernization Project for the 45th Space Launch Delta (45 SLD), understood these complexities with greater depth and the need to deliver a high-quality solution. The goal was not only to exceed expectations but also to ensure mission success for the United States Space Force.

To meet the needs of VSFB, a synergistic partnership was established. Alluvionic, in collaboration with GIMEX USA and BAC (Brevard Achievement Center), delivered a solution ahead of schedule. This ensured a successful transition to new road barriers, meeting contractual obligations and maintaining quality standards.

What do these companies have in common? They all call Brevard County—Florida’s Space Coast—home. A local project, which is now making a global impact by supporting space exploration for advances to mankind. The project highlights the strengths of these three local companies and underscores the commitment to supporting Brevard-based manufacturing and the importance of strategic partnerships.

“The collaboration with Alluvionic, BAC, and GIMEX USA shines a light on how uniting expertise with a shared commitment to excellence not only solves intricate challenges but can also nurture growth and success,” said Wendy Romeu, President and CEO of Alluvionic. “This project underscores the importance of strategic partnerships, especially on a local level, highlighting how we can collectively make a profound impact while cultivating an interconnected business community.”

Alluvionic produced and delivered fifteen sets of ten barriers, leading the task through its commitment to Project Assurance. Delivering an outcome ahead of schedule, Alluvionic undertook several key responsibilities, including placing Purchase Orders (POs) for the specified products, providing safety measures for working on the products, and delivering the required quantities of barriers, reflective tape, stickers, braided cable, and hardware for each order. Additionally, Alluvionic scheduled deliveries and pickups with BAC’s warehouse manager, provided detailed work instructions and safety measures, and offered testing jigs specific to their products, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined process.

BAC supported warehouse operations and modifications, providing necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and offering storage for raw materials and completed products for the duration specified in the agreement. BAC also took responsibility for ordering, purchasing, and inventorying all needed supplies and tools.

Logistical aspects of transportation and delivery were coordinated by GIMEX USA. Gimex USA’s custom-tailored service ensured enhanced communication before and during delivery, facilitating a smooth and efficient process.

Crystal Fuller, Director of Production and Logistics at BAC, spoke about this exceptionally rewarding experience. “Collaborating with Alluvionic proved to be an exceptionally rewarding project for our team. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed the experience, finding it to be a platform that enabled them to leverage their precision skills and engage in meaningful problem-solving. The project provided an enriching environment that allowed our team to showcase their expertise and contribute to successful outcomes.” 

Patricia Tellechea, President of Gimex USA, shared her perspective on the collaborative effort, stating, “Both Alluvionic and BAC are well-organized and proactive organizations, which makes my job on the logistical side much easier to manage. This project has truly brought me full circle because, prior to taking over as President of Gimex USA, I was part of the Alluvionic team.”

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About Alluvionic

Alluvionic is an SBA 8(a) certified, EDWOSB, WOSB, small business, a Certified WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise, and a Cyber Accreditation Body (Cyber-AB) Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO), NIST methodologies and application. Alluvionic provides customized project management, process improvement, product development and cybersecurity solutions.


About BAC 

BAC is a social enterprise dedicated to building communities that support members of unique abilities in growing their personal success.  BAC serves more than 4,000 individuals with disabilities each year through innovative services and employment opportunities across its various programs. It is the largest employer of individuals with disabilities in Brevard County and the 27th largest AbilityOne producing agency in the national set-aside program providing contracted services to our federal government.  



Established in 1977, GIMEX SA has been providing Logistic Support including but not limited to: Trucking, Freight Forwarding, Customs and Warehousing to clients worldwide for over 40 years; with offices in Pamplona (Spain) and the United States.

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