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Tag: Project Management

Tip of the Week 09/26/2016: Project Communication

Tip of the Week: High-performing organizations— those that average 80 percent of projects on time, on budget and in line with goals—are nearly twice as likely to use formal project communication plans compared to low performers, according to the Pulse communication

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Tip of the Week: End of a Project

Tip of the Week: At the end of a project, it is important to collect and document lessons learned; go over the good and bad things that occurred during the duration of the project, and implement approved process improvement activities.

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Tip of the Week 08/01/2016: Scope Management

Tip of the Week: Scope Management: Projects have a beginning, middle, and end. Make sure the criteria for the end is well defined. Additional criteria must be controlled. Otherwise it can “creep” into the project. Click here for more tips.

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Tip of the Week: Meeting facilitation

Tip of the Week: Meeting facilitation: Decide ahead of time who is facilitating the meeting. As a facilitator, make sure actions and decisions are being documented. Don’t let side conversations happen. Don’t let off-topic discussions take over the meeting. Offer

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Tip of the Week: Project Stakeholders

Tip of the Week: Project stakeholders need to be identified and represented throughout the life of the project. This stakeholder list is a fundamental input to the Project Communication plan. Click here for more tips.

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Tip of the Week: Project Communication Planning

Tip of the Week: Project Communication: Communication planning needs to be well thought out and have an owner. Several questions can start the communication planning process. How will the team communication with each other? How will messages be delivered to the

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Tip of the Week: Communication Management

Communication Management should be a proactive approach to disseminate information to the organization about the project. There are different levels of information that will need to go out at different times. This must be coordinated and managed or the project

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