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Catch the Wave With Alluvionic

Happy New Year from the Alluvionic team! Although 2020 has just begun, so many exciting things are underway.  It’s hard to believe, but last week we celebrated our 7th anniversary! We don’t know where the time went, but we are

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Catch the Wave with Alluvionic October 2019

Family, an Alluvionic core value, is the perfect way to describe our Brevard County community as we joined together to provide support and supplies to the people living in the Bahamas after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.  Our Alluvionic team

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Catch the Wave with Alluvionic

Forward-progress, an Alluvionic core value, is a driving force for our team as we strive to seize opportunities and achieve our goals.  Since our last newsletter, we have had continued momentum with the rollout of CMMI® V2.0, multiple speaking events,

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Why You Need PM’s for Your ERP Implementation

It is important to be aware of the general pitfalls that can occur with an ERP Implementation, so that you can save time and money.  To ensure a successful implementation, you need an experienced project manager to be the champion

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Employee Spotlight: Floyd Capistrano

“I joined Alluvionic because of the leadership team and the ability to make a positive impact on the future of a company built on integrity, family, and professionalism.” Floyd Capistrano, the Vice President of Programs and Development, has been a

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